Online Games

Online games are quite popular nowadays because of the verge of the internet technology. But parents should be very careful about what they let their children play because there are some which are not really beneficial to them. Among the tops picks of online games that are highly recommended to kids is the math game because not only do they enjoy have fun but also they get to learn and improve their mathematical skills particularly on addition.

The math game basically involves asset of bricks with a number in it. The player’s role is to click the bricks with the designated number in order to come up with the sum that is displayed on the upper left of the screen. It is practically an easy game. However, it becomes challenging because once you take a longer time in clicking or adding bricks the time limit quickly decreases, therefore, you should stay focused and alert so that you can quickly add up numbers to achieve the desired total.

In this online math game, there are three choices to choose from: the classic, accuracy and break mode. The main goal is practically the same however, the main difference is the number of bricks displayed. In the classic mode, a huge set of bricks s displayed per level. While in the accuracy mode, the number of bricks increases as you go to a higher level. And in the break mode, it is similar to playing Tetris because bricks fall to add to the missing areas.

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